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Erica's journey began when she bought herself an inexpensive sewing machine for her 26th birthday when she was pregnant with her second child — her plan was to sew a few baby items, but to never, ever sew a quilt. Just a few weeks later, she finished her first quilt and was hooked. From there, she started sharing her projects on her blog, then writing tutorials, and then writing patterns. A few years have passed and she now has a very messy sewing room of her own and is no longer sewing at her kitchen table, but she kept the name since that is where she got started. She now has dozens of patterns available in her shop and lots of free tutorials on her website and on Instagram. She truly loves what she does and wants to share this wonderful hobby with you as it has transformed her life. We are so thrilled to have Erica as our Special Guest Artist for this year's show. Not only will you be able to see her in person & purchase her plethora of patterns, you will have the chance to meet her at our "Around the Kitchen Table" Pre-Show Breakfast on the Saturday morning of the show. Get your breakfast tickets HERE!


Visit Erica's website 

to see all of her

awesome patterns!


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